Friday, March 27, 2009


okay, so, I just posted up a haul and I hope you guys liked that. Currently, I'm breaking out like a freaking monster... I think it's because of that Sephora Sculpting Disk. I have Combination-- Acne Prone skin, and the SSD actually made me some what oily than I usually am in my t-zone, which sucks! because I really wanted to like the SSD. I mean, it's an over all really good "palette" for contouring, but I warn any of you girls that have skin like me... USE WITH CAUTION! unless you want a bunch of teeny zit :(

On Tuesday 03/24/09, I had an interview at Long&Foster Realtys!! I was really excited about this interview because 1. I am really interested in Real Estate and 2. MONEY MONEY MONEY... (what? just being honest... sheesh) Okay, so the whole day was really hectic. 12:30-1:45, I had to travel to annandale which is like 20-30 mins from where I live...depending how fast I drive and I had the Interview at 1:30, so, I had to leave class at 1 and drive ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way back to where I live, go to the interview.
When I got there, it was EXACTLY 1:30 and yo I really wasn't trying to be late... so i was like PHEW! When the lady that was interviewing me came out, she was a very nice lady, but I had thought the interview was just going to be with her. It turns out that the Assistant manager of Long&Foster was also there to interview me, I was REALLY nervous and I kept stuttering, using the words "like" and "so yeah" and I also kept contradicting myself. When I left the interview it was a "DOH!" moment. I am pretty sure I made a good impression, but I have doubts in my mind about getting the position! WISH ME LUCK!! After the interview, I had to drive all the way back to annandale for an Exam at 2 and I was 15 minutes late... and obviously made quite an entrance coming in.

GREAT NEWS IS.... I have another interview for an Animal Hospital Vet Receptionist and I am hoping I atleast reel in that position. Other than work, school, and work I have been WANTING to buy all black Converse All-stars (chucks) and Hi-tops... I know i know spring is coming up so, I should be getting gladiator sandals, flip flops, and espadrilles. NO, I want these sneakers!! They are just sooooo comfy and black and... I would rock them :) I mean, I love my heels and sandals but c'mon its already ALMOST April the weather is BARELY getting any hotter (60' today and cloudy) ... It's always raining... so... why not? hehe

Well, anyway I'll update more later!! Hopefully pictures tomorrow of my outfit for my friends 21st!! and more... bye ladies :)

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  1. hey chica =)

    g'luck on your interview at the vet!!
    i did purchase the skin id online. i went through the whole questionnaire process and was sent three products.

    hope this helps!