Friday, March 27, 2009

Haul #2

So I went to the mall today and I got a couple things from forever 21 and the benefit counter is Macys.

At forever 21 I decided to get a couple shirts for myself to wear out tomorrow night since it is my friends 21st bday party/dinner. I got these 2 cute tank tops for 9.50 each.

I got it in a cream color and a royal blue! Pair either colors with black leggings and my oxford heels... I'm gonna look hot !!!

At the benefit counter in macys they were actually giving away free makeovers since they're launching their new spring items. So, the MA at the counter gave mr a makeover and since I have lots of acne scars she used this new foundation, concealer, powder stick for my face and she covered the right side and the difference was amazing!! Not to metion she was really nice, so the whole experience was great and fun! So I bought the foudation stick and it was 35.70 total and she was nice enough to give me a sample of their oil-free moisturizer. I'm not sure what it's called but I tried it on my hand and it is awesome!!! It also kind of looks like an illuminator as well. Cool!!!

The packaging was rally cute as well... I think I've finally found MY foundation!!!! If anybody lives in the nova area, deffinitly check out the benefit counter in the fairoaks macys and ask for Alma!! She's a sweetheart.

Bye guys!! Xoxo


  1. that packaging is soo cute by benefit..ooh we girls love our makeup and such..*sigh* btw your too cute darling