Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hey ladies!
I am back after almost a month!? Well, Finals are done with...! FINALLYYYY -_- I have a huge update to do, but that will be done later. I actually just have enough time to tell you (if i haven't yet) that I had gotten the job at the Animal Hospital! I've been working there for a little more than 3 weeks and let me tell you, it's really great experience. Although, it may be hard sometimes, but it's really a great place to learn something new! The best part is that I can also cross-train to become a Veterinary Assistant! Imagine my resume after that! hahahah This is deffinitly something I would love to pursue as a career. I just finished my FIRST YEAR of college and I am going through that whole phase of... "omg I dont know what to do yet!!!" or... "I want to be this or that or this or that" I know... -_- i'm really undecisive, but I am actually really serious about this! I could possibly become a veterinarian or a licensed veterinary tech! The hours are really great and depending where the hospital is, the environment and clients are great! Sometimes the hours are... hectic though.... and I've already witnessed almost 5-6 euthanasias. It's really upsetting, but that's when I really have to keep my composure. When people think I'm just a RECEPTIONIST... I of course take phone calls, sit at the computer, schedule appointments, shit like that, but I am actually the one people talk to first and we're supposed to be medically trained to handle certain phone calls and we actually do assist in some procedures! Well, I love the animal hospital I work at and I love the people I work with! I think I will need a couple more weeks to really get adjusted to things, but no doubt I am a fast learner and I catch onto things quick! I'll continue this blog a little later on in the day....maybe a few haul posts in the future? I think I will write about my experience on the blog as well as my path to pursuing the career as well! YAY SUMMERRR!! okay later ;)