Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My first blog!!!

Hey girls!!
This is actually my first blog!! I'm actually very excited to get this going! This blog is mainly going to be about make-up, make-up reviews, fashion, and some tid bits of my personal life here and there just so you guys can get a feel of who I really am!! I already am a frequent reader of a few bloggers and just using them as inspiration!! (names later it's 3 in the morning here, hahaha)

Just some basic info:
My name is Kely and yes, with just ONE "L". I am 18 and currently a full time college student trying to make her way through this wack economy! I have a boyfriend of 3 years and a puppy that just turned 8 months!! I live with my family in NoVA :). Anyway,
I have just recently begun to I guess ... Get into make-up like ... I am actually starting to buy more products and be more diverse with make-up instead of borrowing my moms and sticking with only one certain brand! LOL

Well, I hope you guys stick around and give me a chance to woo you guys with what I DO know!!

Kely :)

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